Following is a collection of photos and articles from back in the day. Any help you can offer in identifying faces would be appreciated!

Terry Miller and the GTs

Carolyn Teuber Rose & Bonnie Stout Wilkins at Hillcrest Country Club

David Underhill and Ginger Brady Shingler

Sally (Bea Terry) Briggs

Judy (Hawkins) DeMond: Lois Ann (Chaffee) Schwarzhoff; Myra (Brobeck) Sterling; Connie (Imel) Maakestad; Sonja (Ambrose) Rupp; Ginger (Brady) Shingler; Meryl Kay (Kurdy) Michael; Anita White; Ann (Jewell) Mattoon

Front row: Sandy (Grisham) Peterson; Camille (Leonard) Ridenour; Ginger (Brady) Shingler; Judy (Hawkins) DeMond; Anita White; Carolyn (Creamer) Bagley
Back row: ?; Lynn Rasmussen; Jim Jeffries, John Medlin; Martin Rasmussen; Kent Johnson